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Headed to the 2017 National Jamboree?

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Blue Sky Adventures will be providing pre Jamboree itineraries to Council Contingents headed to West Virginia in 2017!

As many Councils learned the hard way in 2013, The Summit definitely requires a different travel approach than past Jamborees. For information about drive times to the Summit in West Virginia, click here.

We have affordable tours designed for groups flying into either Charlotte or Pittsburgh. 

If you fly to Charlotte, we will stay in Blacksburg, VA at Virginia Tech. Click for details:

Blacksburg Deluxe Adventure

Blacksburg High Adventure (2 Nights)

If you fly to Pittsburgh, we will stay in Morgantown,  WV at West Virginia University. Click for details:

Morgantown Deluxe Adventure

Morgantown High Adventure (2 Nights)

Additionally, we have a lodging and meal package for those Councils who are driving and just need accommodations en route.

Blacksburg, VA - From South or East

Morgantown, WV - From North or West

All five of the above options offer the same Blue Sky quality, dependability, value, and excellent customer service that over 35,000 Scouts have experienced since 2003.

Please contact us now for pricing and details.


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